Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lynette Update 3-05-2009

I told Lynette tonight that one of her biggest allies is her smile. How she can still smile all the time, with the burden she bears, just blows me away. I can't imagine what this would do to her if she didn't possess the positive attitude and fighting spirit that she has.

Lynette has shown some slow but steady improvement. Most of you that haven't seen her since she got sick would be blown away by her condition. I don't even see the daily improvements because they are gradual. I told Lynette it's like watching your kids grow. It happens, but you don't notice. Visitors who haven't seen her in a week or two have commented on her improvement.

Lynette had a phone consult with her Lyme doctor, Dr. Fishman yesterday evening. Beverly and I were there eavesdropping through the whole conversation since Lynette had him on speaker phone. He gave us his opinion of Lynette's IGeneX tests. He said that he could say that Lynette was positive for Lyme disease based on his knowledge of how to interpret these tests. He also said that she was borderline positive for babesia. He also told us that a test that he had ordered for another pathogen was positive.

This one is called Ehrlichia. It is also a tick borne illness. Based on my research this one doesn't bother me much. I don't think Lynette is showing symptoms from this bacteria. Also, this infection is not a big concern because it is treated with the same therapies as Lyme disease. It is more harmful to people with compromised immune systems, such as AIDS patients.

Dr. Fishman seemed to encourage Lynette to seek care from a local doctor. He was surprised that she is not being treated by anyone else. Dr. Fishman is going to send Lynette his report concerning the analysis of her test results. He encouraged her to take this to a local doctor who may (hopefully) agree with the results and continue and monitor her treatment.

Dr. Fishman prescribed Lynette another antibiotic to take in conjunction with the one she is already taking. He also told her to take another probiotic along with the acidophilus that she is already taking. These supplements help replace the beneficial bacteria that live in your digestive system that get wiped out by the antibiotics.

Lynette's doctor also had Anna's test results on hand and talked to us about them. He said that she was unequivocally infected and should get treatment as soon as possible. One of Anna's classmate's father is a cardiologist at Wake Forest/Baptist Medical Center. In the past he has pledged to Lynette to do anything he can do to help. We think he can hook us up with an infectious disease doctor who will treat Anna because she has undeniable positive tests.

Anna's friend's dad (Dr. Ntim) may also be able to help Lynette. We'll give him Dr. Fishman's report when we get it and see if we can get any support. Lynette also has a line on an infectious disease doctor in Burlington that her mom has connections with. The eventual plan is for Lynette to transfer to a Lyme Literate MD (LLMD) in Fort Mill, SC. He has a similar approach to Lyme treatment as Dr. Fishman. She scheduled an appointment with him 2 or 3 weeks ago. The appointment is not until April 30, our 15th wedding anniversary.

I ordered my test kit from IGeneX today. There is some feeling in the medical community that these types of diseases can be sexually transmitted. At least I know what to get tested for. Anna doesn't need to be tested for Ehrlichia because the treatment that she will get for the Lyme infection will cure the Ehrlichia if she has it. I on the other hand have to be tested for Ehrlichia because the potential exists that it is the only one that I have, if I have any of these.

We had to get rid of our water bed because Lynette couldn't get in and out of it. While my sister was here this past weekend helping out, I went out and purchased a new bed. Later that day some of our friends came over with an envelope full of money that they had collected from all of our friends. It paid for the bed we needed.

More food and friends continue to show up at our house. We appreciate all of the love and concern that all or our friends and family continue to show us.


  1. This was a great idea! Thanks so much for keeping us informed. I guess a "silver lining" from all this is your realization of all the true friends you have that are here to support you.:-)

  2. Hey Shawn,

    Just wanted to say hi and to let you know that we are praying for you all. This blog was a great idea. Keep us all informed.

    Darcey, Andy, Phillip, Sarah and Michael

  3. Hey Shaun - Had no idea about Lynette's condition, so thanks for posting about this blog! We will pray for you and the family - looking forward to continued positive news.

    Much love, the Kent clan

  4. Much love from Terry & Jeff Speas! You're all in our prayers.