Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lynette Update 2-17-2009

I talked to Lynette this afternoon after her visit with Dr. Fishman.

I think we were all hoping for a miracle cure, but I don't think we can expect rapid results. He ordered more tests, some from the same lab in California that Lynette sent her blood. And more tests from a lab in Arizona which is also considered one of the most Lyme literate labs.

Dr. Fishman prescribed Lynette a different oral antibiotic. He did not want to put her on IV antibiotics due to the reaction that she had to the oral doxycycline. He will have her take this antibiotic for a few weeks and then reevaluate.

The doctor called her neuropathy Multiple Sclerosis. This upset Lynette. She has a militant attitude against an MS diagnosis for some reason. It is my opinion that MS is caused by some pathogen in the victims body that is invoking an immune response that causes the nerve damage associated with MS. Something in your body has to fire up your immune system to the point that it's starts eating at the protective sheath on your nerves. I think that some undetected pathogen would best explain the situation. When I saw the interview of Dr. Fishman, I was pleasantly surprised to see him make a similar statement.

The doctor's office is going to try to get in touch with iGeneX (lab in CA) tomorrow and see if the can get the results from Lynette's labs. Lynette may come home tomorrow or Wednesday, based on whether they can get the results or not.

He gave her a prescription for a muscle relaxer to deal with the spasms she's been having in her leg. Lynette is afraid that it will counteract with the antibiotic. I don't think it would be prescribed if it would interact. They are 2 totally different kinds of medicine. But, Lynette has never been one to take much medicine. I think that's going to change soon.

Dr. Fishman gave Lynette and Beverly a shopping list of supplements that will help Lynette. He is a certified nutritionist. I totally believe that the proper diet is beneficial and the supplements will give Lynette a good charge of beneficial substances. Tomorrow she is going to get an IV vitamin treatment called a Myers Push or Myers Cocktail. It's supposed to have all kinds of great side affects: increased energy, better mood, spontaneous orgasm!

Lynette will get a phone call from Dr. Fishman in a couple of weeks for a "phone consultation appointment". I guess that's the next time that we will have anything new to share.

Thanks for all the love from everybody. We know you all care and that's why we are letting you know what's going on. I'm getting good at asking people for help. So be prepared. I might hit you up!

Sorry for all the typos I didn't find. I know you'll be able to figure out the message.

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