Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lynette Update 2-24-2009

Lynette has an amazing spirit. She smiles every time I walk in the room. She has so much hope and faith. I guess it's just as it was when she wasn't sick. Lynette always has the best attitude.

Her Lyme doctor told her that they needed to sneak up on this thing. So he didn't prescribe her any strong medicine. He wrote her a prescription for an oral antibiotic. He told her to take one antibiotic per day. He said if she could tolerate it she could take two per day. She started taking 2 the second day and hasn't shown any ill effects.

Dr. Fishman prescribed her 6 different supplements. They are intended to help with inflammation, immune system, brain and nerve health, and muscle cramps. She has made some marginal improvement over the last few days. I am hoping that this is part of the progression to better health for Lynette.

She received her Low Dose Naltrexone prescription in the mail today. This drug in higher doses has been used for the last 25 years to treat people with alcohol and opiate addiction. It works by somehow interfering with the brain chemistry. About 3 years ago there were some studies done that showed remarkable improvement in people with nerve damage who took low doses of this drug. The pharm companies aren't promoting it because the patent has run out and they won't make any money off of it. You can't even purchase this drug in the dosage that is prescribed. You have to use a formulating pharmacy that will repackage the drug in the proper dosage.

It has been so wonderful to have so much love come our way from all of our friends and family. Lynette's mom has been indispensable. My mom came to stay this past weekend so I could take Anna to an all day volleyball tournament on Saturday. Lynette's brother and sister-in-law have graciously volunteered to stay with Lynette during the day for the next few days so that I can go to work. Our neighbor is filling the gap tomorrow evening while I go visit a friend who's wife recently passed away. Hope's mom made some wonderful food for us last week and Hope brought it over. One of Lynette's friend's has been taking Anna to school a couple of times a week. We are so lucky to have all of you.

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