Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lynette Update 2-28-2009

Lynette has shown minor improvement over the past few days. She is standing from a sitting position easier and she is lifting her right leg a little better. Nothing earth shattering, but everybody who's been around her has noticed. The Low Dose Naltrexone(LDN) came in the mail on Monday and she has been taking that daily. I'm not sure if her improvement is from the LDN or the host of other things she is taking. She is still in pretty bad shape, but we are hoping that any improvement is the beginning of a trend.

Lynette's brother Tim and his wife Jonna spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with Lynette. They took her to the mall on Wednesday. Tim rode in the wheel chair while Jonna pushed him. Lynette walked in her walker and challenged other walker users to races. She beat some, but not others.

Lynette and Anna's results came back from IGenEx in California. Before I say anything about the results, I think I need to state some disclaimers. Lyme tests are notoriously inaccurate. This is mainly because the Lyme bacteria does a great job of disguising itself. That's why a Lyme diagnosis needs to be based on clinical evidence and not solely laboratory evidence. There are many negative lab results for people who have Lyme disease. This also makes me skeptical about positive results. Furthermore Lynette and I are obviously not qualified to thoroughly and accurately analyze the results of these tests. She will discuss the results of the tests via phone with her Lyme Dr. on Wednesday. Regardless of test results, I do believe that Lynette has Lyme disease solely based on the reaction that she had to the Doxycycline antibiotic therapy.

There were a wide array of tests performed. Most of them were for Lyme disease, but there were others that were performed to detect other tick borne ailments that are not uncommon in Lyme sufferers. Most of these tests have 3 possible results: Negative, indeterminant, and positive. Based on our interpretation of the tests, Anna tested positive for Lyme disease on the Western Blot IgM test and positive for Babesia Duncani. Lynette was indeterminate for the same Lyme test that Anna was positive for, and showed an even more positive result for Babesia Duncani. Lynette's doctor has said that he is willing to review Anna's test results.

We continue to be humbled by all of the support from our friends and family. Ty and Stephanie brought us a weeks worth of food today. Tim and Jonna stopped by again today. Jonna did some physical therapy for Lynette which is greatly needed and appreciated.

We all have a positive attitude about this. Lynette is a strong woman and she is not going to let this beat her. We are going to give her all of the support and love she needs.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone who cares about Lynette. I believe that nothing but good can come from the concern, love and interest from others.

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