Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Why are insurance companies in a position where they can control what treatment regimen is sanctioned for a patient? Isn't it the physician's duty to determine what the best course of treatment is for his patient? It should be the insurance company's job to cover the cost of the treatment without it's interference in the diagnosis and treatment of the insured. Isn't that what the insured is supposed to receive for payment of their premiums?

Why are medical treatment guidelines written by panelists who are academicians and not practicing clinicians? The doctors who are treating patients have hands on experience with their subjects' responses to various therapies. The guideline authors have no idea what treatments are effective, because they are not recommending, administering, nor observing the effects of these treatments.

Why is long term antibiotic therapy such a horrible treatment for those infected with Lyme disease? Long term antibiotic use is extremely common in treatment for acne, COPD, gingivitis, and kidney disease. My son Zack took minocycline daily as an acne treatment. Right now Lynette is taking the exact same drug, in the exact same dose, as Zack did. Why is it so much worse for Lynette to take it?

Why does the medical community conform to guidelines written by people who have the potential to profit from these guidelines? Most of the authors of the standard guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease have been shown to have conflicts of interest. The Attorney General of the state of Connecticut filed suit against them for this reason. 88% of the authors are affiliated with vaccine manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, test kit manufacturers, and/or hold various Lyme related patents. Their decisions with regard to the treatment and diagnosis guidelines are poisoned by their financial interests in Lyme related products and procedures that represent a potential financial gain for them.

I know y'all want to hear about Lynette. She is amazing. We have been walking on our street as therapy since she has been able to do so. We have progressed through various stages of assistance: wheel chair, walker, cane, my left arm, moving down the street to the first corner and sometimes the second corner.

Prior to our walk tonight Lynette was waiting for me at the top of our driveway. Most of you who have been to our house know that our driveway is treacherously steep. Lynette said she wanted to walk to the first corner and back without the cane. We walked down the street as I kept hassling her about hanging on to my arm too tight. Before we knew it, we were on our way to the next corner. When we got back she walked down the driveway with my help.

Why is Lynette getting better? Because she is being treated by very brave physicians who are willing to risk their lively hoods for the benefit of their patients. Because she is one tough chick who is not going to let this beat her!

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