Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who has Lyme?

Lynette spoke with Dr. Fishman on Friday. I was planning on being home when he called, but he called early and I was away. He prescribed her an anti-malarial drug to combat the babesia infection. She has been taking it for a few days and hasn't shown any ill effects or improvements.

She carried her walker around the living room tonight without using it. She was a little shaky but she was smiling the whole time. It's great to see Lynette's recovery continue.

I got my test results on Tuesday. They were negative. Yay!

I have heard many anecdotes from friends and family of various people suffering from Lyme. I sent out an email today, mostly to my North Carolina folks, asking them to give me the names and home towns of everybody they know who has had or suspects they may have Lyme disease. I want some evidence that North Carolina is not a Lyme state.

My dad responded to my email that the only person he knew with Lyme was someone Lynette and I already knew about. I responded with the following email. It summarizes my current feelings based on some recent research I've done.


I figured that Ron was the only person you knew with Lyme. I saw a local TV stations news video from Maryland about the increase of Lyme in their state. I thought it would be good to know if you knew anybody from VA with Lyme. It's probably coming this way from up there. I'm mostly trying to get a list of people from NC who are affected. I have already heard about 6 or 7 people who've had Lyme disease.

I read a very interesting paper written by a Houston family practice doctor about patients with Lyme like disease that's not detectable by standard tests. We are finding out more and more about Southern Lyme which is a tick borne illness which is very similar, but not the same as Borrelia burgdorferi. It causes many of the same issues, but does not register on the standard tests. Ticks who carry this version of Borrelia, also carry ehrlichia which Lynette has also tested positive for. I think this explains her condition and her questionable Lyme test results.

Furthermore we have learned about Borrelia infections that cause rashes that disappear without treatment. Many people who have these symptoms never again have any other symptoms related to Lyme disease. We also know that there are Lyme infections which never present the rash. The government contends that the rash is a slam dunk diagnosis of Lyme disease. Now their theories are destroyed by rash disease that have no other symptoms.

It is amazing the stubbornness and abstinence of these people who can change this situation. There is SO much science to dispute the currently accepted guidelines of treatment.

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