Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doing the Dishes

The standard routine has always been that I cook supper and Lynette cleans up the huge mess that I make. Of course I've been doing both jobs now for a couple of months. I took this great picture of Lynette the other day. Granted she wasn't cleaning up my huge mess, but it's a step in the right direction.

Lynette's condition has continued to improve. She hasn't used the walker since the last update. You can see the cane to her left in the photo. That's getting her by now.

Lynette stayed home by herself this morning for the first time. One of her good friends from Hanesbrands, Michelle, came by with lunch. Then she took Lynette back to Hanesbrands so Lynette could visit with her co-workers. She had a great time seeing all of her friends at work. Another of Lynette's co-workers, Lyn, has a daughter on Anna's volleyball team. Lyn brought Lynette to Anna's school for a volleyball match today. Lynette really enjoyed seeing several of her First Assembly friends this evening.

We are looking forward to Lynette's visit with Dr. Jemsek next week. My mother-in-law Beverly and Anna will be accompanying us. The appointment is early on Thursday so we are staying in a hotel near Carowinds Wednesday night.

A Lyme rally is being held Thursday May 14th on the South Carolina State House North Grounds. The Governor has declared May 2009 Lyme Disease Awareness Month. The Lieutenant Governor is slated to speak. I think I read somewhere that a "Lyme Doctor" will also be speaking. I would be very surprised if it wasn't Dr. Jemsek.

Thanks again to everybody that has been helping us through these tough times. We want you to know how appreciative we are.

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