Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Drug Holiday

‘Twas the night before drug Holiday, and although Mom was sick.
Not a creature was threatening, not even a tick.

The Children were bedside praying while they kneel.
While their bellies were full from tonight’s Gluten Free meal.

The drugstore had been called, to order more refills.
For some of the prescription bottles had run out of pills.

Mother in her rocking chair, her PICC line running.
‘Twas the end of a cycle, antiobitics she’d be shunning.

When out in the driveway a ruckus was heard.
I looked out the window to see what had occurred.

When what to my wondering eyes should I see
Eight lovely nurses and our LLMD.

He spoke with authority as he commanded his staff.
And out from his mouth came with a jolly laugh.

“Now Ringers! Now Doxy! Now Clinda and Mepron!
On Ceftin! On Tiga! On Zithro and Merrem!”

He was dressed for the occasion as he peered over his glasses
At once he proclaimed his approach to the masses.

“With pulses and holidays and combination therapies
We’ll rid you of these symptoms and serious maladies”

“Supplements next week, no drugs consumed.
If you don’t watch your gluten, your gut will be doomed.

“As for probiotics, they are important too.
To help fight the damage that antibiotics can do.

“We’ll knock out the Lyme, the Babs and the Bart.
Believe in my tactics and take this to heart.

“We’ll have you back walking and clear in the head
Brain fog will be gone and the spirochetes dead.

As he turned to drive off with all of his team,
He looked back at us, his eyes all agleam.

“May recovery be swift and without delay
Here’s to your health, enjoy your drug holiday!


  1. That is by far the funniest thing I have read...And only a lymie (or family) can fully appreciate it!

  2. Too many code words for the layman. :-)


  4. Wow this is very clever!

    (kicked Lyme but now fighting Bart.)