Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't Be Late

Lynette's tardiness has always been an annoyance to me.  She thinks that she would be wasting the amount of time between when she arrived and when she was supposed to be there.  I think it's an inconvenience to every one of the the people that she is meeting when she is late.  

She got this message from a fortune cookie one night:

"People who are late are often happier than those who have to wait for them." 

When Lynette was really sick she was the one who had the best of attitudes while the rest of us fretted about her condition.  I guess we were waiting for Lynette and she was handling it better than the rest of us. 

Lynette returned to work today.  She will be working 25 hours a week for the next month or two.  Her pod was decorated with lyme green streamers.  There were other decorations and treats to celebrate her return. 

Lynette is not cured yet, but she is a long way towards recovery.  She still has balance and strength issues.  The numbness in her hand and feet persists.  She notices some affects from the oral antibiotics that she's on.  But she has come a long way. 

Even if she's late.

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  1. Hey Shaun,
    I have been researching natural, herbal, alternative, etc. Check out this site: She healed herself with teasel. I ordered it right away and have had far more healing in one week then the previous 4 months of antibiotics, antimalarias, antiparasitics, etc. I was even able to vacuum yesterday and walk normal!! We have recently discovered that my 17 yr old also has Lyme (presenting very, very different from me or Shelby) so both the girls are taking teasel too and IMPROVING! We have been taking it in addition to our traditional medicine. Hope this post helps all who read! Hard to believe but it is working for us!