Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Top 10 reasons I like office visits better than phone consults

Lynette's PICC line was removed today.  I told her I expected to see her raking leaves this weekend! 

I pursued getting the line pulled earlier, but I couldn't get any of the smart people to support me.  Lynette's doctor sent us more supplies to keep the line going.  Lynette had a phone consult with her doctor on Monday and he approved having the line pulled.  Several phone calls were made and appointments set up and today the line was pulled.  Lynette called me immediately afterward.  She was so energized. 

The phone consult was actually more expensive than an office visit.  But an office visit would be hard for two reasons: 1) his office isn't open yet, and we haven't heard a definite date. 2) it would cost us at least $150 in travel expenses to go see him. I convinced Lynette to do the phone consult and have the PICC line pulled locally where it could be done by a practioner who is in our insurance network and 100% covered.

Based on her experiences, Lynette has made the following commentary about office visits versus phone consults:
(names changed to protect the warriors)

Top 10 reasons I like office visits better than phone consults

10.Get to file them with our insurance
9. Cost 3 times less out of pocket
8. Get to give out hugs
7. Have interesting conversations in the waiting room
6. Get to see friendly office staff
5. Shaun get's out of work
4. Get hand written prescriptions that CVS can't translate
3. Get to see Nurse Lisa
2. Get colorful chart from famed artist Dr.

#1 reason I prefer office visits -

1. Get to go to Six Pence Pub after visit


  1. I can so relate! We do a six hour drive (each way) for my dr. so the motivation factor is an egg mcmuffin on the way up and Golden Coral on the way home! I shouldn't be having either but that's my treat for the horror of the visit!

  2. I love number 4,Cvs can never read Dr J's prescriptions,Good note though ,he has started to use a stamp on some!