Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gluten Tuesday

On the very first day that we saw Dr. J, my wonderful mother-in-law Beverly was extoling the virtues of my culinary prowess to Dr. J.  She was describing some random pizza that I had made while she was staying with us and helping Lynette.  Dr. J immediately interjected with his warnings about gluten in the diet.  That was the beginning of Lynette's gluten restricted diet.

It's been over 6 months now.  We have not seen any harm or help from restricting Lynette's gluten intake.  At first she ate no gluten.  Then once in a while she would have something with a slight amount of gluten, like gravy thickened with wheat flour.  Then over the course of a week would have something like breaded seafood once.

We have family standards that we like to eat that contain gluten. The gluten does not seem to be causing any issues for  Lynette, so I have recently implemented Gluten Tuesday.  Two weeks ago we had quesadillas.  Last week we had muffalettas.  This Tuesday it was home grilled hamburgers. 

Of course we aren't going to go overboard, but I see no harm in a little gluten if it is not causing Lynette any issues. 


  1. I don't see how it is an issue for everyone.....I don;t find it to be an issue for me.

  2. hey Shaun Funk! Don't know how I found this, but I did. It's Ernie Hawkins still living near asheville. email me man love to catch up sometime.

    peace!! glad your dad's doing so well. :)