Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We Love eBay and House Cleaning

Last night while I was performing some sort of domestic task in the kitchen, I noticed that our white porcelain sink was once again marred with streaks of stainless steel and aluminum. I get so tired of cleaning it. Last night though, I saw something that will make me never want to wash my sink again. In this sink was an image. An image so strange and powerful that it consumes people. An image that makes smart men lose their judgement. An image that dictates that our saviours are persecuted. It was an image of borrelia burgdoferi, the spirochetal bacteria responsible for Lyme disease.
I'm thinking about removing my sink and putting it on eBay.
Before I left for work this morning I dragged the laundry hamper down the stairs and the vacuum cleaner up the stairs. When I got home the laundry was done and folded and the bedroom had been vacuumed. Oh yeah, the dishwasher had been emptied too. She's starting to make a good housekeeper again!
(sorry for all the -------- seem to be having problems with line feeds tonight)

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