Friday, February 5, 2010

Introducing: Alinia Funk

During Lynette's last visit with Dr. J he told her that he wanted her to take the anti-parasitic drug Alinia.  He explained that the metabolites of the drug were effective only within the digestive system.  A purge for your GI track I suppose.  While he was talking about this medicine he was also writing prescriptions for Lynette for the Alinia and for Levaquin.  It wasn't until we got home that we realized that he'd written Lynette's presciptions in the name of Alinia Funk.

Lynette being the digital maven that she is, scanned in copies of the errant prescriptions and attached them to an email that she sent back to JSC.  Dr. J responded at 10:00 pm one night this week suggesting that Lynette's "mama" had named her after one of the most potent anti-parasitic medicines on the market.  He said the new scripts would be on the way.   

Lynette sent a gift card to Dr. J today and put her name, as the benefactor, as Lynette Alinia Funk. 

The new paper prescriptions came today with the corrected name.  But the envelope was still prolonging the joke.

Dr. J has a lot going on in his life.  I can understand how he can get distracted.  But he is still capable of maintaining a wonderful sense of humor.  And he's helping a lot of people.  

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