Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Camp

For the past 13 years at least one of our children has been in attendance at summer camp at YMCA Camp Hanes in King, NC. Lauren was there first as a 7 year old in 1996. This is Anna's 7th year attending Camp Hanes. In all these years we have never had to send any medication with our campers.

Well, this year is a different story. Anna is currently taking 3 different antibiotics. Dr. Jemsek has also recommended several supplements for Anna to take. The camp requires that all medicines be in their original bottles. We showed up with a large zip lock bag full of pill bottles. Upon registration, we had to visit the medication table and provide them with the medication, as well as instructions for dosing. Behind the table was a bin full of submissions from other campers. I have to say that I am very proud of my daughter, as she had more medicine than anyone that had preceded us. She's the best.

Lynette is on the drip right now. She's enjoying a one hour infusion of Azithromicin. We'll follow that up with a 30 minute dose of Clindamycin. Friday is the last day for her current cycle. We will then have a drug holiday until we return to Fort Mill, SC on August 18. In the meantime we will still be infusing a liter of lactated ringers 3 or so times per week.

I saw Lynette do something tonight that I haven't seen in quite sometime. The details of this event wouldn't mean much to anybody else, but it involved some dexterity and balance that has been absent from her actions for a long time. More signs of continuing improvement.

Lynette has applied for long term disability from her employer. One of the requirements from the insurance company that provides the benefit, is that the applicant apply for Social Security Disability. The application process takes the average person two and a half hours to complete. You have to provide information about all of the doctors you have seen, symptoms you have experienced and medications you have taken. Lynette was amazed at the complexity and severity of her symptoms back in February when she was seeing Dr. Fishman. She has come a long way. She still has a long way to go.

I finally uninstalled the rail for the stairlift this past weekend. That device was such a help for us. We are so lucky that we had the opportunity to use it. I am so glad to see it go.

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  1. I am so glad to have found your wonderful blog! I would like to thank you for all your efforts. I live in Kernersville, NC and also have Lyme. I was infected May 2000 and treated with just 10 days antibiotics. I developed symptoms 3 years and 2 days ago! Finally got a diagnosis last month (although I diagnosed myself long before that). I also have a 14 year old daughter that was biten August 2003, developed CLASSIC flu-like symptoms, fever and bulls-eye rash. Took her to pediatrician where they stated "There is no such thing as Lyme in NC" and sent her home with Benadryl. Had I only know then what I know now. Please feel free to contact me directly at if I can be of help with letter writing and such. We have so much in common! Healing thoughts and prayers to your wife and daughter :-)