Monday, June 8, 2009

You Look Good

Lynette and I went to a party at John and Gail's house on Saturday. Gail and John were the ones who were so gracious to put us up in February when our power was out at the same time that most of Lynette's power was out too.

For most of the folks at the party, it had been at least a month since they'd seen Lynette. Of course they all commented how good show looked. The complements and attention from everyone were nice. Unfortunately she doesn't feel as well as she looks.

This is a common complaint from many people that suffer from chronic illness. All of the Lymies on understand and empathize. Here are some responses that one of the Lymefriends members came up with. Some of them are actually kind of funny:

I wish I felt as good as I looked.

Looks can be deceiving.

I'm sure someday my inside will catch up to my outside.

My face still hasn't heard that my body is trashed.

If only a shower/ could make me look as good on the inside.

I guess God decided he should at least leave me with SOMETHING that still works.

At least the only part that still works is the part that shows.

When they said "It's better to look good then to feel good" they were talking about Lyme Disease.

I'm bound and determined that my face will be the last to fall.

Gosh, you can fool anyone with those new makeup products they have out now.

Thank you for saying that, but believe me I'd trade it all in a heartbeat if I could FEEL good.

Too bad you can't judge a book by it's cover.

That's Lyme Disease for you....I can feel like death but no one can tell!

Funny, I often hear that same phrase at funerals about the deceased.

Next time I'll have to leave the makeup behind and show up in my pj's so people realize how sick I really am.

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